The 1 Thing Amateur Bloggers Oughta Know

Doug's World

First post in a while! Don’t worry everybody, I didn’t get killed in a sexy South American gunfight. Although sometimes I wish I had. Seriously though, I’ve been busy with my – ahem, business. Hence why they call it a busi-ness. Because it keeps me busy.

And so, like most young men who make their own business, I read ‘The four hour work week’, a book so hot that I’m juggling it like a hot potato.

Reading it, I ran out of excuses for not maintaining my blog. I work 15 hour weeks, then rest of the time I spend either cooking, exercising or working on my business. Surely I can maintain my blog!

There’s an amazing thing that happens when people suddenly find themselves with free time. They discover that they don’t really have any free time after all. It was just a sneaky illusion! Meheheehe. No, what happens is they find themselves by the same things, be they habits or distractions, that can consume all their time, regardless of whether they’re working 40 hours a week or 0 hours a week.


What I find that blogs aren’t the hobbies of people with free time to spare. If anything, it’s for people who know how to effectively use their spare time so that they can maintain a blog.


No, what’s really missing is not enough time. Rather, it’s two simple elements I sometimes forget:

Blogging should be fun! 😍😍😍😍

Sometimes I avoid making blog posts because I treat it like work. Spend X amount of hours on your blog per X. But really, I’m sick of my fellow marketers treating their own blogs like The Huffington Post. I miss the old days where blogs were just online journals where we could express our thoughts. I don’t write in order to get read, I write because it’s fun and a chance to vent.

When I first started this blog I took it very seriously, until it quickly devolved into absurd, politically incorrect humour. Why? Because it’s fun.

And considering I have two jobs, fun is good

Yay! This post took me like 15 minutes. Im a legend!