8 Things Vegans Need to Stop Doing

Joe's Bloody Good Opinion

Special guest contributor Joe Bloggs

I didn’t always have a turtleneck addiction. Sure, I like the way they feel. But that’s not why I wear them. I wear them because I bloody well need to wear them. For protection. Protection from whom? Yeap, you guess it – Vegans.

Vegans are actually vampires – they suck blood. That’s the only way they get their Iron – mooching off hard-working, iron-blooded meat eaters such as myself, like some sort of dole-bludger cashing his latest welfare cheque. I remember sleeping with this vegan lady, I woke up with bite marks, and later found out she had turned into a bat and flown out of the window.

I didn’t tell my wife – as if she’d believe me. Instead, I made a pact to myself to kill every bat I see. I’ve actually begun eating bats. In hopes that one of them is her. I go into caves with my assault rifle, mow them down, gather them up and cook them in a stew.

But raising a vampire army is only the very beginning of the unacceptable behaviors adopted by these high-and-mighty freedom fighters. So I’ve composed a list of all the things vegans need to stop doing instantly before their crazy cult destroys us all.

Being Vegan


My so-called “Mum” eating vegan food. What a joke!

What actually is a vegan? I don’t even know, and I’m pretty sure they don’t know either. All I know is that they don’t eat meat. And the only people I know who don’t eat meat are turtles. And you know where turtles belong? On islands. I heard stories that vegans don’t have jobs because it’s against their religion. Sounds dodgy to me. Whatever veganism is, people need to stop being vegan.

I tried being vegan once, but look at the disastrous results. Never again am I touching that diet. Look at my journey:

There you have it, the harrowing story of my battle with veganism. But there’s plenty of more people like me out there. Possibly you? Don’t let those vegans fool you with their tricks.

Telling me how to live my life


Me showing off my canines

The other day I was enjoying my favourite dish – bacon, chicken and lamb burger with fish sauce and beef bun (cut from meatloaf) when this vegan walks past.

I politely ask him where the fuck he gets his protein, and it seems like that’s the queue for him to start shoving all this bullshit down my throat about beans, rice, and all this other shit I’ve never heard of. What a jerk. Why the hell won’t he leave me alone?

The things vegans need to understand is that everyone hates them. Even vegans hate vegans. Everyone is talking about them behind their backs. Especially me. Mostly me. I talk about them so much that it basically makes up for everyone. In a way, I am everybody, because I represent the views of the silent majority fed up with all this vegan nonsense.

Asking for vegans options


Look at all the effort these poor restaurantiers had to go through to cater to these ‘vegans’. Looks like a bunch of grass to me.

Vegans need to realise that when you enter a restaurant or other food dispensing business, you are participating in a social activity, and nothing creates a horrible, awkward situation like someone asking for vegan options.

Do you realise what happens when you go up and ask for a vegan option? Do you know how uncomfortable that makes everybody? Bet you didn’t think about that. Here’s this poor cashier probably working 90 hours a week for less than minimum wage because all of our jobs have been stolen by Mexico and hard-working yet dishonest Phillipines people and now this crazy vegan comes up and starts picking fights. I hear the things vegans say. They say stuff like:

  • Give me vegan options or i’ll shoot you with my gun. *pulls out gun*
  • Give me vegan options or i’ll blow up this restaurant with this bomb. *pulls out bomb*
  • Give me vegan options or i’ll blow up this entire city with this long range stealth-equipped nuclear missile. *pulls out long-range stealth equipped nuclear missile*

When will the madness end? How far is too far for these vegans?

In my opinion, this is not good enough. My Dad fought in World War 1, World War 2 and Vietnam in order to keep this country safe from crazy Mexicans like vegans. I don’t even feel like I live in this country anymore. And it’s a shame. Especially when vegans are constantly…

Stealing my food


Here I was just enjoying my favourite  duck, turtle and elephant soup with gorilla tongue, when this vegan picks it up and runs away with it! The truth is he can’t resist the temptation to steal. A study showed that most vegans are actually thieves.

I politely ask him to return my burger but he just pulls out his Ghost Pepper Spray and sprays my face.

Fortunately since I eat meat, I’m immune to the blinding effects, so I begin to chase him around the building. I tackle him to the ground and end up choking him around the neck. 20 minutes later, the doctor is wheeling him away and says some bullshit about him being “deceased,” like I fucking know what the word means. and now I’m the bad guy. I can’t even tell you, politically correct nonsense like this happens all the time, if you let them. So I learned my lesson not to be polite with these guys, or they’ll steal your food and your freedom. Speaking of freedom, the thing that vegans really need to stop doing is…

Being Communists


Commies are everywhere. You gotta keep an eye out at all times.

We can all agree basically that vegans are communists. Possibly nazi communists.

Did you know hitler was a vegetarian? Apparently vegans are atheists, and atheists worship Stalin.

Makes sense, I guess. Hannibal Lecter was a vegan, aside from eating humans. And he kinda looked like a Nazi. Coincidence? I think not. Speaking of eating people, I really wish vegans would stop…

Eating People


Stu Stew, anyone? How about some Barry Burritos or Bernie Burgers?

I can’t stress this one lesson enough with vegans, who just don’t seem to realise: People are people too. Just because they’re not animals, therefore not technically “animal protein”, doesn’t mean you can go around eating them.

Because believe me, they do. How do I know? Well, if they don’t eat animals, then where do you think they get their protein? That’s right, your Uncle Phil, the Joneseses down the road and that cute assistant at work you’ve been gathering up the courage to ask out on a date. That’s right. Vegans ate them all. I’m pretty sure a vegan is eating me right now. Something is chewing on my toe. It’s either a spider or a vegan. Either way I’m getting my gun.

Being Spiritual


I hate all things spiritual. I don’t have a spirit, nor do I want one. I hate it when people are in ‘high spirits’, I’m like, take your spirits somewhere else. The only spirit I like is that found in a 1 litre bottle that I purchase for 40 bucks at a shop owned by Korean people.

To be perfectly honest, there’s no room for spirituality in the 21st century. I catch the cold, pee soaked train at 5 o clock in the morning and it takes me 2 hours to get to work at my terrible job. And you know what? I love it. Sometimes I pee in the train just to keep the smell alive. I’m bloody proud of it.

The last thing I need is some bloody spiritual loony lefty telling me how I can change my life. I don’t need to change. The whole worlds needs to change to my liking. Everybody is stupid and crazy except for me – the only sane person in the entire world. That’s why I write all these powerful opinion pieces. Because I’m the voice of reason in a world of madness, exposing all the horrible things vegans do, like…

Wearing Candy Canes as Earrings

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.18.49 PM.png

I’m not just saying this because it’s against my religion, but I find the whole practice of wearing candy canes as earrings to be utterly disgusting.

First of all, God created candy canes to be eaten, not worn. I say the same thing about edible underwear, but did she listen? No. The truth is, what is the world coming to when the things we like to eat are instead found on people’s ears? What I do with my dog and my peanut butter is my business, but when you start walking down the street, or going to clubs wearing candy canes as earrings, what are people going to do? Do you expect a girl to go up to you and eat your candy cane earrings off? Since when has a girl ever offered to nibble on a guy’s ear?

Not under my watch, anyway. I’ll have none of that nonsense. If my so-called “wife” did that to me, I’d kung-fu chop her face in half. All this candy cane communist hippie lunacy needs to go.

Finally, here’s the last thing vegans need to stop doing:

Blowing up Hospitals


Did you ever watch the film The Dark Knight? Based on a true story, the hero of the film is a smooth talking guy called The Joker, whom, incidentally, ends up blowing up a hospital.

Well, I have some news for you – Joker was a vegan. All the signs point to this obvious truth. For example, did you ever actually see Joker eat meat?


And ever wondered why his face is so pale and his lips are so red? That’s because of dreaded iron deficiency caused by lack of steak, which is the worlds’ only source of iron. His hair is green because that’s what happens when you eat too many vegetables. And he bites his lip because he’s so hungry for the meat forbidden by his religion of veganism. What a jerk!

However, there is one thing I have in common with The Joker – his insatiable desire to kill bats. I can finally relate to him. On that note, I’m going to get my grenades and go bat-hunting.

And no darned vegan is gonna stop me.


9 Home Cures for Food Poisoning

Doug's World

The other day I wrote a post about food poisoning! Specifically me getting food poisoning! Can you believe it, me? I need your pity. And your money! You see, I had to wait 2 hours in the hospital waiting room and, really, I should be paid for the time, don’t you think! I need attention and chocolates!

Anyway, I got better and have decided to write a super-cool list of great (vegan friendly) cures for food poisoning. And they actually work, which is cool. Believe me, they really do. If I can just chuck in some advice, I recommend you should actually deliberately  poison yourself just so you can try these out! That’s how awesome and effective they are!

Clove Water

This is an old family medicine that boasts the power to “stop food poisoning in its tracks.” It seems to instantly ease an upset stomach and other nasty symptoms. And fortunately there’s science to back up the claim that it fights listeria, which is associated with food poisoning.

The flavour can be quite powerful, so you should start with a teaspoon of clove oil in a standard glass of water. Its helpful to find other ways of incorporating clove into your diet, like adding it to your tea or hot chocolate.

Lemon Juice

Do I really need to explain? Does the mighty lemon need any introduction? Lemons are full of antiviral and immune boosting properties that helps your body fight back strong against food poisoning.

I haven’t had a cold in 3 years and I personally thank Lemons for that!


Bananas have made this list not because they’re filled with helpful, anti-poison nutrients, but because bananas are so easy on the stomach, and when you have food poisoning, the prospect of eating doesn’t excite you that much.

Bananas will make a great staple food while also being easy on your system, allowing your body to focus on fighting off the poison.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea soothes your stomach and has a lot of helpful benefits, like fighting nausea, but more importantly it chills you out! And when you’ve got food poisoning, you gotta be chill and relaxed. I like to buy Healtheries Peppermint tea (its cheap af)

Better yet, just grow your own peppermint! It grows like a weed and requires little maintenance. At my old home we have three peppermint plants, and they need to be contained in pots or they’ll take over the whole property. If you want to live in a peppermint Jumanji jungle, that’s fine too.

Raw Garlic Juice or Toast

Raw Garlic, as we all know, is an antibiotic that sorts your stomach out big time, but we all have a problem with eating it. When I want to eat raw garlic, I will either mash it and mix it in with icy water to make ‘Garlic Juice’ or, for a more tasty option, mash it up and chuck it on some toast. Consider getting a nutri-bullet, it makes eating raw easier and allows you to incorporate raw foods into your diet in all sorts of ways, garlic included.

Here’s a great article on the health benefits of chewing raw garlic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This stuff can basically help with all your food-poisoning ailments. The fact that it’s so cheap is great, too. It doesn’t taste particularly great when drunken whole, but if you’re going through food poisoning, bad tasting food should be the least of your worries. Not dying should be first. Don’t wanna die? Drink apple cider vinegar. If I sold vinegar that what be my advertising slogan. ‘Drink it or you’ll die.’ Demographics indicate that most people don’t want to die. I don’t wanna die, so I drink vinegar.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is like steroids for your blood – it makes things happen faster. Some people consider it ‘the most powerful food poisoning remedy.


When your mates find out you’ve got food poisoning and pop by with a bottle of Kombucha, that’s when you know you’ve got some solid mates.  Kombucha is a probiotic which helps your stomach fight disease and infection! Here’s an article about why you should drink it every day.


Shut the hell up and drink some water! It’s probably the best thing you can do to help food poisoning. Just make sure the water supply hasn’t been poisoned, that’s happening all the time these days and the last thing you want is to drink poison. Poison does not cure poisoning. Believe me. Non-poisonous water is the best kind of water.

Some other thing to try…

Activated Charcoal

If Activated Charcoal is good enough for poison control centres, it’s good enough for us! This stuff is an astounding antitoxin which can pretty quickly flush poisons out of your body. You’ll be flushed with success!

Colloidal Silver

I had a friend who always took this stuff. Apparently it cures everything. I’ll believe her. But yeah, apparently it cures food poisoning too. While there’s no scientific proof, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence. Wait, sorry, I hate that term ‘anecdotal evidence’. It’s an oxymoron. People just say it works, okay? It’s like the iMac of alternative medicine – “it does everything and it just works”. Sounds good!


Now, I’m not condoning the use of illegal drugs – oh wait a minute, I totally am!

You see, one of the worst things about food poisoning is constant nausea. It just sucks. Fortunately there’s an illegal drug called cannabis which actually suppresses the hell out of nausea and stops you from vomiting and does a whole bunch of other beneficial things too, but I will not divulge in for the sake of this poor hyperlink which is really being stretched to its limits. But yeah, you won’t be vomiting or nauseous, which is good.

Cannabis is good.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading all this! Here’s some more stuff for you to read. Read it , because I said so.

I was poisoned! :(

Doug's World

Attention everybody, give me your money. I’ve been poisoned! I know what you’re thinking – “holy shit!” Yes, but calm down for a second and ask: How did I get from writing a blog to here? All… poisoned, and shit? Well, it’s a long story, so let me begin at the… beginning:

The basic reason I started this blog is to share my wonderful experiences and ideas after ditching meat, and ultimately other animal products, from my diet. Whenever some new idea or thought comes to my head, I just wanna share, share, share, however, people obviously don’t always want to hear my ramblings, so Ive delegated it to a blog. This blog. I also get to share inspirational quotes:

‘When there is a flowering, it is your duty to share it with the world.’ – Elliot Hulse

And here’s another one I read recently that I quite like…


That’s good. I love Oscar Wilde and his mad dress style. But it’s just not inspirational, damn it! We need more inspirational quotes!


Nice! Thanks Steve! I feel inspired. Inspired to keep writing about my wonderful experiences. For example, my most recent wonderful experience has been food poisoning! which is why I haven’t posted in a while. Well, I could have. It shouldn’t really stop me from making posts. But I’m so opportunistic! I see an opportunity to not do anything and I GRAB it. What a go-getter am I!

My first thought, and basically everyone’s thought, my boss included, was ‘how the heck does a vegan get food poisoning?’ Which is what I’m keen to find out, and is why I’m making this post.

How the flippin’ f*ck did it happen?

Sorry about my poor censoring skills. You can probably guess which letter lies beneath that *asterix. It doesn’t exactly leave a lot to the imagination. Anyway, first of all, it’s important to say that vegans are still at risk of food poisoning. I expected it would pain me to say that, it’s something I’d like to be able to gloat about, but the facts are the facts. Although UK studies say poultry is the most common cause of food poisoning (salmonella, no shit. You’d think considering the name, Salmon would cause Salmonella?) However, poisoning by fruits and vegetables is still very high. But that shouldn’t make us sad about it! Considering meat is cooked and fruits are usually eaten raw, this should only make sense that the rights are quite high. Anything cooked kills off bacteria. But if meat-eaters didn’t have the privilege of nuking all of their cuts, It’d be interesting to see how quickly those stats change! MWAHAHA! I WOULD SUSPECT THAT THEY WOULD BE VERY QUICK INDEED!

Still, it is true that vegans are less likely to respond to the effects of food poisoning, simply because it’s my belief that we have better immune systems. I haven’t gotten a “cold” in three years, and I’ve been vegetarian for about… wait for it! Three years!

However, the chance of us being exposed to something that causes us food poisoning is probably about the same.


So I got sick quite quickly after chomping down a few ‘Vegie Delights’ Hot Dogs. I think that maybe I didn’t cook them enough, or that they needed to be frozen. Anyway, later that night I threw up. The next day, I didn’t feel like eating all day, until later that night I had some Linda McCartney country style pies.


These pies weren’t particularly good. Fry’s is a lot better. But needless to say, I threw them up, too. Mainly because I was sick, not because they were bad pies. Or maybe? Just kidding, but not really. Although kinda!

Then the incontinence came in. Sexy, sexy incontinence. Shitting your pants and throwing up twice is not the best way to begin your new year with your new flat! But eh, first world problems. At least I’m not vomiting up my own blood like some Ebola third world situation. Oh wait, apparently you can *crap* your own blood from food poisoning, but fortunately it never got to that stage. Basically I hate bleeding from weird places. I don’t mind getting cut and bleeding, but the thought of blood coming out of my mouth or other areas just… freaks me out.

But anyway, it was definitely food poisoning. Vomiting, nausea, weakness, incontinence, loss of appetite. Oh my god, loss of appetite! I had been so excited for cooking for my new flatmates, but if the thought of eating is enough to make me sick, the thought of cooking isn’t too exciting either. They say ‘don’t go shopping when youre hungry’. (‘HAW HAW HAW!’) Well, here’s my advice: don’t go cooking when your hungry, either. And don’t go cooking when you’re sick from food poisoning.

Generally you don’t want to have too much appetite or not enough, because either way you’ll cook something awful. Is that why gay guys make good hairdressers for girls? They’re not thinking ‘this looks sexy’, they’re thinking ‘this just looks good’. I know me. I don’t want healthy, or ‘booming with elegant flavours and subtle hints’. I want salt, sugar, carbohydrates and SATURATED FAT. Pasta no good? Needs more of one of those four.

God, having no appetite sucked. Any food that I had was forced. I basically lived on water, lemon juice, green tea.  Wait, that’s probably a lot healthier and nutritious than what I was eating previously. I should get food poisoning more often! Ha ha, but not really, or am I really? Who knows!

So, tomorrow I’m gonna post a… post…. on how a vegan can get food poisoning and THEN, what to DO about it. Why not go out and get food poisoning, just so you can use my handy tricks? Go on! Why not! You only live once! Unless you get food poisoning and die. Then you live like.. half. If you’re young. Don’t die! I need the readers!

Tune in tomorrow for more oily, green Kale action!