How to make a MEAN Greek Spaghetti

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Blogging is a wonderful experience. Unless you’re blogging on an 8 year old iMac – in which case, blogging is a terrible, traumatic nightmare.

But I persevere. I do it for YOU GUYS, the adoring fan(s) of my blog, you are the reason I do this! I think about you guys all the time, especially when I’m alone in my room at night!

Anyway, before I say things I can’t take back, I wanted to ask you an extremely important question – one which will change the way you see the world forever. I want you to dwell on this question for a long time, and seriously consider it and how it relates to your life. That question is this:

Have you ever wanted to cook a Greek spaghetti?



Think about it for a second. You probably have never wanted to cook a Greek spaghetti, and for obvious reasons. First, I didn’t even realise Greece made spaghetti. If they did, Italy would invade. But then again, we think wine is Italian, but it was actually invented by the Greeks. I wonder what else was invented by the Greeks. Greek Yoghurt? Sure. Greek Burgers? Say what? I once watched Tim & Eric awesome show, which told me that the Romans invented wine, specifically for orgies, and I actually believed them. I honestly believed a factual statement presented by this show:

Good show. Anyway its ironic I’m talking about wine, cos i happen to be drinking wine. Well, it’s not ironic, probably considering I’ve been drinking wine which has been the source of my intention to discuss wine. That’s basically how us fancy wine connoisseur people work – we basically do two things with our lives:

  1. drinking wine
  2. talking about drinking wine
  3. thinking about drinking wine

Let’s talk about wine. In this case I’ve got two wines – the one I’m drinking is on the left – it’s from Italy (or is Italian people call it, Italia). It is a sparkly red wine – i didn’t even know sparkly red wines existed, but hey, you learn something new about wines every day. Especially if you’re always around a wine connoisseur. My cousin is a wine connoisseur. You should follow him on instagram  –


The portrait of alcoholism, and it’s not even a portrait

Anyway, we were gonna talk about how to make a MEAN greek spaghetti. So basically, you need lots of olives and a mushroom sauce. Basically, the whole recipe is in this book – Incredibly Delicious, which is one of the best vegan cookbooks I’ve ever read.

No they’re not paying me to say this (although they should). I just happen to think they food in this book is really really really really really really awesome. Try it! Oh, and dont forget to put some basil leaves on top in order to fancy the fuck out of it. And don’t forget to give me your money!


Okay, I was actually gonna share the recipe but Scannable somehow managed to lose it. Don’t download Scannable – it doesn’t work. And it sucks. Mainly because it doesn’t work.

So here’s a goddamn recipe I just took from Google. Enjoy.