How Much Protein Can you buy with 21 bucks?

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What is life all about anyway?


contemplating the eternal damnation of life

Life is about asking questions.

Life is Not about answering questions. That’s what university students are for.

University students are also good for filling up my bus when I’m going to work in the morning. Damn kids! When I was your age… oh wait, I am your age. Never mind. The point is, I’m technically not educated, nor am I in the process of being educated, so I have lots of free time to NOT study. However, just like Uni students, i’m always broke and hunching over a mouldy pizza box filled with mouldy ramen while sitting inside a mouldy kitchen knowing how this is contributing to my already catastrophic lecture-induced slouch.


pictured left: God-fearing Christian, pictured right: Government-fearing student

But Ramen is actually the enemy. If you say Ramen backwards, it’s Nemar, which sounds like some atrocious demon of Hades from the Greek underworld. I’ll admit I eat ramen, or just ‘2-minute noodles’ as they’re known on this part of the planet. Unfortunately I always find myself buying a big packet thinking it’s totally gonna boost my productivity because now I’m able to write out another article with my left hand while my right hand is busy reeling up strings of Mi Goreng.


When you’re so busy that you just chuck it in the bowl and smash your head against it, and your head is so painful that you’re not even hungry anymore.

So like uni students, I have to carefully plan and budget my meals, and by carefully budget my meals, I meant to say I don’t budget at all. However, I did think it might put me in the right direction if I can at least try to figure out a few basic questions in life. So in this case, as an action-packed sequel to that loaded question ‘where do you get your protein?’, I respond, ‘I don’t know, how much protein can I buy with 21 New Zealand dollars?’

Well, I went to the shop and bought:


  • 375 grams of chickpeas – 75.8 grams of protein, for 2 dollars,
  • 280 grams of red lentils – 80 grams of protein for $2.70
  • 375 grams of black beans – 80 grams of protein, $3.50
  • 1 kilogram (yeh baby!) of peanut butter – 234 grams of protein, for 6 dollars.
  • 200 grams of canned tomatoes – 2.6 grams of protein for 80 cents,
  • 750 grams of oats – 90 grams of protein, for 2 dollars,
  • 600 grams of wholemeal bead – 64 grams of protein, for 1 dollar,
  • 1 litre of soya milk – 30 grams of protein for 3 bucks.

Altogether, 21 dollars.

Altogether, that makes up to a grand total of 656.4 grams of protein!

So then I did an RDI check and found out that, as a 23 year old male, I need 64 grams of protein a day.

So calculated 656.4 / 64, I discovered that 21 dollars was enough to buy me 10 days worth of protein.

Not bad, considering I get paid 19 bucks an hour! One hour of work is nearly enough to feed me for over a week. I can live with that.

How much protein can YOU buy on  YOUR paltry wage? Let me know in the comment section because apparently asking for YOUR opinion at the end of this blog is a good way to boost reader engagement.


…What do YOU think about that?