Auckland Lantern Festival, Feb 2017 (and lots of rambling about WordPress)

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OMGOMGOMG this post took so long to produce. Like, over a week! I went to the festival on the 11th, and I’m only posting it now. Partially because I’m lazy and procrastinating, but largely because of what a nightmare it is trying to upload a simple two minute video whilst still being a cheapskate and not paying for a premium service. I don’t think uploading videos should be classified as premium, because like, i’m only given 15 gigs or something. If I wanna use it all up on videos, that’s my choice. Anyway, most people don’t upload videos directly to wordpress anyway. They upload to Youtube (for free) and just embed it onto wordpress. No money paid and no data used. Well, it’s not really embedding. It’s so easy, you just paste your Youtube link onto wordpress and the whole video appears, perfectly formatted. Which begs two very interesting questions:

  1. Why is it easier to share Youtube videos to WordPress than it is to share videos to Blogger, which is also a Google service? You’d think they’d work better together, wouldn’t they?
  2.  If WordPress wants people paying to upload videos, why are they making it so damn easy to circumvent WordPress and go straight to Youtube?

Well they don’t tell me how to run my business so I won’t tell them how to run theirs. In fact, maybe they should tell me how to run my business. WordPress team, if you’re reading, please leave some comments. I like comments.

So what happened is I tried converting the video file to something that would be recognised as an image, but that didn’t work out. So I then decided to upload the video to Youtube. However, I thought I’d create my own Kale Oil account, which I did, except somebody had taken the address. Seriously? I thought I was the only one. Maybe my fiendish competitors are plotting tricks again. So I decided to create an Outlook account and use THAT on my new Google account. So two accounts created. But when I went to upload a video, it told me I needed to verify my account. Fine, so I checked my outlook, but no message was there. It was definitely the right address. So I clicked ‘didn’t receive notification’, which just takes you to a list of knowledge articles, none of which actually relate to confirmation e-mails. So basically, I’m f***ed. In the end, I just uploaded it to my regular Youtube account and pray (to all of the Gods, just to be safe), that I’ll receive my e-mail and can start using my Kale Oil Youtube account! Woohoo! That’s something to look forward to!

But anyway, let’s change the subject. We’re here to talk about the Lantern Festival, not my complaints about WordPress and Google. I’m pretty sure that most people who come to this blog do not come to read about the perils of social media. But if you do, thanks. I’ll include it more often.

But yes, the lantern festival: Auckland’s 4-day Bonzai Bonanza featuring all the tropes of East-Asian culture: yummy food, ethnic music, delicious food, dancing, tasty food, martial arts, om-nom-nommy food, traditional costumes and om nom nom nom. It’s the East-Asian equivalent to the Diwali festival which happened sometime last year – but this is a bit more ambitious in scale and size and dimensions. On the first day of the lantern festival, there is no food or performances, only the lanterns and other lights. So people kinda showed up and were a bit disappointed. But after that the festival went full swing and it was a rockin’ good time.

I took all these photos but they’re not the best quality. Either I need to get a new phone or I need to start bringing my DSLR to these events and risk some asshole colliding headfirst into my lenses. I decided to pretty everything up by putting it in these cool thumbnail tile thingies. So cool! Blogger doesn’t have this. I’ve even put little captions in, only if you’re brave enough to put your cursor over them.

I wish I could’ve taken more snaps of food. But unfortunately I ate before going to the event. I got off the bus at Britomart, walked up Quay St, see Z Petrol Station, think ‘mmm… Vegan Mexican Pie’, eat Vegan Mexican pie, go up beach read, see another Z petrol station, think ‘mmm.. Vegan mexican pie’, eat Vegan mexican pie, then go the festival. Anyway, here are yer damn photos.

Foody Foody Food Food

Lanterns and Stuff

Oh, and here’s my video of some wicked martial arts that I took so long to upload. Enjoy, and haw-haw WordPress! Another day goes by where I evade the temptation to upgrade to a premium account! I live to fight another day!

Speaking of fighting, watch the video


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