6 Easy Vegan Uses for Marmite


High in Iron and B12, Marmite is the Garbage Collector of vegan food: it offers a valuable service without getting any recognition or appreciation.

But I think a lot of people simply don’t know how to use it. So I’ve gathered together a few simple tips and ideas for getting started on your wonderful yeasty journey with the power of everyone’s favourite black sludgy tar.

Cook it on your curry

courtesy of thatgirlsgotanappetite.wordpress.com

You wouldn’t normally associate curry with marmite, but in western curries it’s a done thing. Find out why.

Curries usually begin with a spicy sauté. More traditionally you’d use butter or ghee, whereas vegan curries tend to use coconut oil. However, many British curries tend to chuck a spoonful of marmite into their sautés, and it gives the curry a sharp, meaty tang.

Check out this BBC recipe for an easy vegan curry with marmite. I’ve tried it many times and I love it.

And here’s a thread on the veggieboards forum discussing the use of marmite in curry.

Spread it on your avocado toast


courtesy of honestcooking.com

Toast some wholemeal sesame seed bread, spread on top marmite and layer out half an avocado. Top it off with some sesame seeds.

Due to its high iron content, I would frequently make this for my girlfriend who was anaemic. I made sure to make plenty for myself too because it’s also insanely delicious!

Pour it on your pizza


courtesy of pinterest.com

Marmite adds a tang to simple pizzas that goes well with the yeasty base. The best trick is to warm the marmite and apply it as the base sauce. Chuck on some tomato paste, basil and vegan cheese.

Gloucestershire Vegans has a great pizza recipe using marmite. Check it out!

Chuck it in your chip butty


courtesy of foodnetwork.co.uk

Chip butties are a paleo’s worst enemy. Starch on starch. Why not add some yeast into the mix? This is actually really delicious, and a lunchbox favourite.

Take white bread, spread on margarine, hot chips (or potato chips, if you’re feeling thuggish) parsley, marmite, tomato sauce or your favourite vegan aioli.

Wedge it between Weetbix and Gary


courtesy of marmite.co.nz (I cropped out the glasses of milk like a good vegan bastard)

A vegan take on the poor kid’s lunchbox classic – weetbix, cheese and marmite. I absolutely loved these as a child.

Well, okay, I didn’t love it, I didn’t have exactly high standards back then. But this makes an easy and fortifying snack to take with you wherever you may roam. Simply take a wheat breakfast biscuit and spread on a thin layer of marmite. Top of with your favourite vegan cheese.

Stock up on marmite and lettuce sandwiches


Courtesy of marmite.co.nz

Another poor kid’s lunchbox classic, but also great for when you’re on the road. I took a bunch with me when traveling across Northland on foot and it was hugely sustaining.

The marmite.co.nz website has many other shockingly easy marmite recipes, some of them vegan. Check out this vegan marmite kumara slider recipe, looks delicious!

Well, there you go folks! Some easy ideas for incorporating marmite into your plant-based diets. I’m always keen to hear more ideas so leave a comment below or get in touch with the facebook group VANZ (Vegans Aotearoa New Zealand)


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