I’m Never Baking a Pizza Again

Doug's Kitchen


I’m never going to bake a pizza again.

‘Wait a minute,’ you’re probably saying right now, ‘how are you going to live without pizza?’

That’s a fine question. A life without pizza is no life it all. It’s more of a static existence, like a pebble on the sidewalk.

Don’t worry. I’m still going to make pizza, I’m just never going to bake pizza. Because now I’ve discovered the wonder of fried pizza, I’m never looking back.

Specifically raw-fried pizza. That may sound like an oxymoron, and it is. But what I mean is simply this: the pizza base is fried, leaving you free to chuck on your topping fresh and raw.

I got the idea from this Jamie Oliver video with Antonio Carluccio doing his favourite fried pizza. Real Italian pizza tastes fresh and alive. Its been abused by Americanisation to the point where we associate Pizza with cholesterol and heart attacks. But Italian food is usually fresh as fresh can be. Are you reheating your leftover pasta? If you are, stop now! It’s better cold. Anyway, here’s the video:

And not only did this pizza look tasty, it was fully vegan pizza until the last moment when he chucked some Mozzarella on the top.

With all this talk of Italian tradition,  you may call it sacrilege to fry your pizza. But I think good vegan food is not about imitating your old favourites, but reimagining them. For me, pizza went from a cheesy, sticky mess to a living, breathing dish full of flavour and character. Nothing beats fresh sliced capsicum or Kalamata olives straight from the brine. And basil is just something that was not ever meant to be served any other way but freshly picked of the plant. That’s why if I urgently need basil, I buy the whole plant.


If you’re making gluten-free bases, you are at an extra advantage, because the best GF pizza bases are made from a liquid batter, like a pancake. This allows you to make them as thin as possible. The best gluten-free bases are thin, crunchy and fried.

Also, frying your pizza takes less time than baking it, meaning you have more time for activities, or making more pizza. Pizza no longer seems like an ambitious task, and so ultimately, I am eating more pizza.

And a life with more pizza is a better life.

Going raw isn’t about abandoning everything and eating just fruits and nuts. It starts with finding ways to implement raw practices into your meals. Do this enough and idea of a fully nuked dish just doesn’t appeal to you anymore. So get started on a raw-fried pizza and share your results with me today!


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